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 Lore::General>>Empire States>>Trinity of Gods

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Empire States>>Trinity of Gods   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:48 pm


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keyword:Empire States, Trinity of Gods

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Trinity of Gods
'Return of the Wise Men', performed by the New Jerusalem Orchestra.
Trinity of Gods flag, courtesy of the Council of Reason circa 2983
Government Designation: The Council of Duty
Military Designation: The Council of Honor
Secret Service: Unknown

Founding Year: 2539
Capital Planet: New Jerusalem
Capital City: The Holy City of Reason
Government: Theocratic Republic
Current Leader: Pope Giorgio Abadelli IV,  Caliphate Amar Abdallah, Ajith Bhardwaj
Empire Symbol: Round Table
Location(relative to Terra): Core World
Total Inhabited Planets: 345
Number of Controlled Planets: 399
Estimated Population Size: 350,000,000,000(as of January, 3110)
Dominate Language: Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish
Dominate Religions: Christianity(all sects), Islam(all sects), Hinduism, Shinto, see expanded list...
Currency: 1 Holy Dollar ex. 1 HD =0.87 UC

The Trinity of Gods was formed as an accident. Because of the infighting for holy reasons starting to get out of end at the last 2050s, the UN and other nations began to hamper down hard on religious leaders to control their flock. This came to a head in 2438 with the War of Doves, which saw the exile or near exile of all major religions out of Terra and into the same pocket of uninhabited space where the sects continued to fight each other for another one hundred years. It was after this that the major leaders of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism met together on an unnamed Terran world and formed the Pact of Gods, which formed the Trinity of Gods. The ensuing expansion of the three major sects saw that they had actually been pushed into a very lucrative sector space.

Ice planets. Important for trading in water with arid, dry or contaminated water situations. The Empire quickly expanded out of that, supplanting itself as an important cultural hallmark of humanity. A glaring reminder to its Humanity’s past, both good and bad. The Trinity of God sought to reaffirm religion in a universe that seemed to have left it behind. The first to pass reforms was Pope Benedict Rhinehold, a bastard son of House Aldritch’s king at the time.

Reforms continued to keep coming out until it looked like a society worth living in, quickly those who became disenfranchised in the various Empire States immigrated into the open arms of the Trinity of God.

The council of Reason has presided over empire wide decisions regarding commerce and social policy. However, each member has their own section of systems with which their specific religious law is upheld and separate. The Council of Reason only gets involved when a new member wishes to join or if a crime or issue happens in multiple Council sectors.

The Council of Honor acts as the main defense force for the Trinity of Gods. Instead of being a centralized hub, the Council of Honor are the ones who arrange and hand over the funds to each members military arm. During times of war, the Council of Honor will supersede local authority but only during times of war when two separate sectors are being invaded as to ease the pain on both itself and those sectors with resources and manpower. Only the big three get any real funding to form up armies which are the Islamic Brotherhood, the Templars and the Warriors of Kartikeya.

The Islamic Brotherhood are followers of the militant form of Jihad. While not as well equipped as the Templars or well tempered like the Warriors of Kartikeya, the Islamic Brotherhood make up for in numbers and pure zeal. They’re never active in peace time, instead picking up their weapons during war. Against the general stereotype, they avoid using suicide attacks, instead using Guerrilla warfare tactics as their mainstay. Their weapons, equipment and ships are all built for fast attacks and get aways, laying traps and waiting for the enemy to walk into them before ambushing them. Its still not known how exactly the breakdown in units works, its a well kept secret.

The Templars are recreation of the former Knights Templar, their armor is heavily padded and their weapons are large battle rifles. They’re better trained than the Islamic Brotherhood but they’re filled with Zeal that leads them to make bullheaded decisions. They’re also fewer in number than both the Warriors of Kartikeya and Islamic Brotherhood due to the high costs of training and equipment. Thier practices are more akin to modern combat tactics. Their most famous for their bright white and red uniforms, electing not to blend in but instead show themselves.

The Warriors of Kartikeya are the most tempered and best trained, more akin to commandos than mechanized infantry like the Templars or general infantry like the Islamic Brotherhood. They spend 5 years as trainees, and even before that is 4 years of conditioning and mental training. All of this starts at the age of 11, and many succeed due to the long time spend on conditioning. Once they hit 20, the Warriors are then sent out in small warbands to attack pirates, bandits and other larger criminal elements, routinely wiping out and securing the sectors of the entire empire. After 5 years of doing this, they are officially stamped as Warriors of Kartikeya, given his blessing through shamans and then put into one of the larger proper warbands.

Chapter Magister
Frater Captain

Frater Sergeant
Frater Proelium


Each sector of space follows generalized guidelines of the Allah/God/Yaweh commandments. However, once a follower, as the public is called, enters a specific sector, they’re subject to that sectors religious and secular customs.

For specific guidelines and rules, please visit the specific pages for the sectors you’re looking to visit.

One note about a universal custom within the empire is the 25 year pilgrimage by all sects and members to the central planet of New Jerusalem. It is seen as a time of bonding between the different ways of seeing life, god(s) and of furthering their own tolerance for one another. Military exercises between the three main forces occur during this 5 month pilgrimage.

Citizens exchange goods for free as gifts to one another. It also at this time that all new followers are brought and welcomed with open arms by the members of the Council of Reason, a process known as the Celebration of Realization.
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Lore::General>>Empire States>>Trinity of Gods
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