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 Lore::General>>Empire States>>Dragon's Commune

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Empire States>>Dragon's Commune   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:39 pm


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keyword:Empire States, Dragon's Commune

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Dragon’s Commune
The Dragon's Call, performed by the Emperor's Orchestral Gaurd.
Dragon’s Commun flag, Courtesy of the 7th Diet
Government Designation: The Diet’s Directive Enforcement Agency
Military Designation: Dragon’s Fangs of 15, Dragon’s Commune Conscripted Armies
Secret Service: Dragon’s Claws, Internal Security Operations

Founding Year: 2589
Capital Planet:

  • Former: New Nagasaki(Defunct after Planet Cracker)
  • Current: Liao

Capital City: Ginko
Government: Communist Dictatorship
Current Leader: The Emperor
Empire Symbol: Dragon’s Head
Location(relative to Terra): Rimworld
Total Inhabited Planets:439
Number of Controlled Planets: 550
Estimated Population Size: 873,000,000,000(as of January, 3110)
Dominate Language: Chinese(Mandarin), Chinese(Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, English
Dominate Religions: Shinto(Official), Confucianism, Buddhism
Currency: Ryen ex. 1 Ryen =0.98UC

The Dragon’s Commune came out of the gate as a Galactic Empire, spreading out its strong military from New Nagasaki until it hit resistance against the the then considered state, the Communion of One. Its next border of resistance was against House Aldrich. With its borders on both sides formed, the Dragon consolidated and firmed up its grip on the people it control over now. The empire saw itself expand twice, both times during the first and second Universal War. Its campaigns against the Communion of One and House Aldrich ended however when in 2309 it’s original capital planet, New Nagasaki was hit with a planet cracker, obliterating and destroying the thick network of control through agents and militarized police.

The political system of itself is a dictatorship, running under the banner of Communism. The leader is voted upon by the main party, whose had control of the Diet since the Dragon’s conception and creation. Each new leader is simply known as the Emperor, given a god-like status and their name and gender is erased. Any citizen caught saying the former name of the current or past emperors are executed by firing squad in front of the current emperor.

Equally, citizens are surrounded by state approved media, all forms of media come from within. Outside media is heavily screened and most are usually denied access. Citizens caught with contraband are given severe punishment, ranging from 5 years working in a work camp to 10 years in solitary cell. Harsher crimes are met with execution.

The Diet itself is made of elected leaders, each leader then serves for life, same the emperor. This leads to generational gaps between each Diet, giving historians and political scientists an easy way to trace the political and policy changes of the Dragon’s Commune.

Economically, the Dragon’s Commune is more liberal than one would be led to believe as trade only requires a certification for that person attempting the trade. Private business is a perfectly honorable venture but expect there to be a lot of computerwork and exams to get the multiple certifications required.

The Dragon’s Commune employs citizenship and a standing military at all times. During times of war, conscription and volunteers are called on to join the war effort.

The Dragon itself favors long protracted battles, because it uses as few resources as it can on infantry and vehicles, its perfectly fine with holding the line and wearing down their opponents before swarming with superior numbers. The Samurai code is deeply ingrained in the Dragon’s Military. Death or Victory are the only options a Dragon’s Commune warrior receives. Honor in battle is paramount of to victory as well. Commanders rarely tend to care for their troops, artillery and CAS runs tend to be danger close to units and most are trained to love it.

Most observers have noted that when the Dragon’s Commune works in war, its brutal, close and efficient. When it fails, it wears down the opposing side just as badly.

The Dragon’s Fangs are the SpecOps of the Dragon’s Commune, getting into the Claws is extremely difficult. A soldier has to have performed admirably in 30 different combat operations before even being considered, then after they have to perform 15 operations as a Fang initiate after 2 years of training.

Rikugun Taisho
Rikugun Chujo
Rikugun Shosho
Rikugun Taisa
Rikugun Chusa
Rikugun Shosa
Rikugun Taii
Rikugun Chui
Rikugun Shoi

Gocho Kimmu

Dragon Citizens have their own insular culture, filled with puns. As a way to voice their opinion and avoid censures, citizens heavily use puns in their own personal posts and in local run newspapers.

While it’s understood what the puns are doing and how they’re working, several crackdowns have yielded results far below the goals of those crackdowns. The diet, after the 113rd try voted unanimously to ban any and all proposals of crackdowns based upon wordplay.

As for movies and music, most of it is over the top and flashy, much like 21st century Japanese animation and film. The materials that do leak out of the Dragon’s Commune into neighboring empires generates jokes and humor about how weird the Dragon’s Commune is.

Unfortunately from a cultural perspective, its a stagnate way of life and highly xenophobic, most materials that make it inside are merely to mock the outside world and make the citizenry feel superior.
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Lore::General>>Empire States>>Dragon's Commune
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