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 Lore::General>>Empire States>>House Aldrich

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Empire States>>House Aldrich   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:42 pm


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House Aldrich
Aldrich's Family Anthem, performed by the Knights of the Round Table, vocal by the Royal Blades Choir.
House Aldrich’s Banner, Courtesy of Queen Vanessa Rhinehold circa 2898
Government Designation: Cabinet of Lords’ Enforcement Agency
Military Designation: The King’s Blades, Aldrich’s Common Core Military
Secret Service: The Council of Military Intelligence

Founding Year: 2645
Capital Planet:

  • Former: Rhine(uninhabitable due to nuke bombardment)
  • Current: New Camelot

Capital City: New London
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Leader: Queen Elizabeth Rhinehold
Empire Symbol: Royal Blade
Location(relative to Terra): Rimworld
Total Inhabited Planets: 489
Number of Controlled Planets: 523
Estimated Population Size: 650,000,000,000(as of January, 3110)
Dominate Language: German(Official), French, Spanish, Italian, English
Dominate Religions: Christianity(Official), Judaism, Agnostic
Currency: Royal Mark ex. 1 Royal Mark =1.53 UC

House Aldrich was the second to found itself as an empire state as a general response to the nearby predatory behavior of the Dragon’s Commune. What was quickly brought to power through natural progression was a Constitutional Monarchy devised by the original King Kailan Aldrich Rhinehold. They grew out to be the largest empire of all 5 currently in power. The first and second Universal Wars saw an end to that as the Dragon’s Commune focused all its power during the first and second wars to expand their territory. This was changed however in the Dragon's War. House Aldrich, which received its name from the late first king who lost his life personally leading the King’s Blade alongside the 5th and 6th Royal Armies against the Dragon, crushing the Commune and halting its advanced irreversibly in the Dragons’ War.

The Rhinehold clan has held its seat in power since the inception of the Empire, keeping a firm but deft touch over its subjects. Dissenters are merely ignored, never able to rile up enough support to go after the Rhinehold family name as they’re considered untouchable. To kill a Rhinehold would kill the nation and provide an opening for the Dragon’s Commune.

As a constitutional monarchy, the King or Queen have a lot of say in what policies occur in the empire but tend to leave it to the House of Nobles and House of Subjects. Both of whom have had numerous occasions where neither House is willing to step out and talk to the other. That is when the King and or Queen gets involved.

System policies are usually left up to the strict noble hierarchy that exists in all feudal states, each system sector having a provincial Governor appointed by heredity. System decisions are usually left to the provincial governor of that system however it goes directly against the word of the central authority, measures are taken. Usually in the form of personal expenditure of wealth.

House Aldrich is actually one the richest of all the Empire States due to the old money that flowed in from Royal families on Terra as well as the fact the planets they control are rich with minerals, however they lack the manufacturing prowess that the Dragon’s Commune and United Militia Systems has.

House Aldrich’s military is heavily inspired by the feudal states of medieval Europe. Its main units being made of moderately trained civilians who volunteer to fight. Alongside them are the highly trained nobles whom are usually better trained and better equipped for war.

This difference in units is the reasoning behind the creation of two separate military branches, the King’s Blades and Aldrich’s Common Core Military. Two companies of ACCM are usually attached to a company of King’s Blade as a sort of buffer as well as support. Most King Blade units are actually armor or mechanized forces while the Common Core make up the infantry. This make up usually works well in a defensive posture but the sheer amount of Common Core to back up King’s Blades units means offensive maneuvers are difficult to muster so in times of war Common Core units swell up drastically as the call for men and women goes even further.

House Aldrich’s military history is dotted with both military advances and strokes of genius alongside utter failures and horrible missteps and this is due to the fact that military leaders are generally hereditarily chosen and not chosen by merit.

One of the worst moments in their history is when a Lord, unable to wait for reinforcement sent in 4 warp capable dreadnaughts as a scouting party.

It should be noted that in naval combat, the ACCM and KB refer to units of 4 ships as Lances, 4 lances making a Naval Company.

House Aldrich

General // Admiral
Generalleutnant // Vizeadmiral
Generalmajor // Konteradmiral
Brigadegeneral // Flotillenadmiral
Oberst // Kapitan zur See
Oberstleutnant // Fregattenkapitan
Major // Korvettenkkapitan
Stabshauptmann // Stabskapitanleutnant
Hauptmann // Kapitanleutnant
Oberleutnant // Oberleutnant zur See
Leutnant // Leutnant zur See

Oberstabsfeldwebel // Oberstabsbootsmann
Stabsfeldwebel // Stabsbootsman
Hauptfeldwebel // Hauptbootsman
Oberfeldwebel // Oberbootsmann
Feldwebel // Bootsmann
Stabsunteroffizier // Obermaat
Unteroffizier // Maat

Oberstabsgefreiter // Oberstabsgefreiter
Stabsgefreiter // Stabsgefreiter
Hauptgefreiter // Hauptgefreiter
Obergefreiter // Obergefreiter
Gefreiter // Gefreiter
Schutze // Matrose

Subjects, as their officially referred to, have a lot of leeway and freedom to express themselves. Most kings of the Rhinehold line have held public cultural festivals in struggling or just starting to grow systems within their control as a token of good will and a boom to business to help jumpstart the local economy.

Generally, as long as you don’t mock the king or queen, you’ll be fine. Its a general rule, they will quite often call in comedians, satirists and others to critique and mock their character and policies as a way to stay grounded.

The Jester’s Festival which takes place on the capital planet every July every 5 years is specifically spent mocking the royal family, including the younger children as a way to temper their hubris.
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Lore::General>>Empire States>>House Aldrich
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