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 Lore::General>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:52 pm


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keyword:Empire States, United Militia Systems

Results found: 1
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The United Militia Systems
The Federal Star Military Anthem, performed by the New Philadelphian Orchestra.
The United Militia Systems Symbol, courtesy of President Alicia Burrows
Government Designation:Federal Star Bureau
Military Designation: Federal Star Military, See Militia List for Specific Militias
Secret Service: Federal Oversight Committee

Founding Year:

  • Confederate States of the Eagle: 2535
  • The United Militia Systems: 2839

Capital Planet: Dakota
Capital City: New Philadelphia
Government: Democratic Federal Government
Current Leader: Holland Becksby
Empire Symbol: Golden Eagle
Location(relative to Terra): Core World
Total Inhabited Planets: 345
Number of Controlled Planets: 390
Estimated Population Size: 434,000,000,000(as of January, 3110)
Dominate Language: English(Official), Native American, Swahili, Spanish, Arabic
Dominate Religions: Agnostic(Official), Christianity(all sects), Judiasm, Islam(all sects), see list of known religions here...
Currency: Militia Dollar ex. 1 MD =1.09 UC


The United Militia Systems are a group of loosely connected systems having joined together under the Unification Charter of 2535 known as the Confederate States of the Eagle at the time of signing. This lasted for 3 centuries until the first and second Militia Wars occurred. At the time, the weak central government kept its distance and instead made sure that the Militia Wars didn't spread beyond the systems involved. The Second Militia War led directly into the Federal War, which started in 2830. By the end, the militias who had fought against the Confederacy had used up all their directly available resources but had made it clear that a stronger central government was needed if any real progress was to be made for the future. The Constitution of Federation was signed in 2838 and ratified fully in July of 2839.

The capital planet, Dakota, was chosen as the capital planet located within the Cherokee Sector of the UMS. From there the House of Captains and House of Generals was formed up to formally begin the first session of Captains & Generals. The former capital of Dakota was renamed to New Philadelphia, and the Empire State of the United Militia Systems was created.

The House of Captains and Generals are made of the military leaders of the various militias protecting and acting as security for the different sectors of the UMS. The UMS in turn funds all of the militias through the Federal government and manages empire wide operations and policy making. Militias and their separate systems themselves are left with the minor policy making and specific rulesets within their own sectors.

The head of state is not elected by all sectors, but instead by the capital planet itself and the leadership who make decisions are made up of men and women in the military.

The UMS itself is heavily decentralized, favoring loose common connections over strict rules. The Federal Star however does act on a regular basis, especially in cases of funding or corporate corruption, the success being mixed.

The United Militia Systems central military is known as the Federal Star Military and acts as the common anchor for all of the militias. All militias have to match Federal Star standards to retain and continue to gain funding. The better a Militia does against the FSM in military combat drills, the more funding they get. This ensures that all Militias act at their utmost best and maintain a sizeable and well equipped force.

Not all Militias are actually anchored to the FSM, but in times of war, any publically declared militia becomes a Minuteman Group, these battle groups are then given their orders in a generalized fashion by the Generals and the Captains handle the movement of their specific groups.

What makes the UMS unique is that even during times of war, all Militias carry their own autonomy.  They can go to whichever objective or goal they’re willing to take and because of the constant chatter between the decentralized units, an organized approach to the multiple objectives occur.

Confusion is easy to happen though, and as seen in the First and Second Universal wars, when the UMS gets confused, they take heavy losses. During the First and Second Universal Wars, entire sectors lost their militias out in the field and had to defer to Federal Star protection.  The Third to Fifth Universal Wars saw a turn around and the strengths of the system, especially against House Aldrich and the Communion of One.

Mercenary Companies also love to work for the UMS because they get paid well and if served long enough they can become militias of their own.

General   //   Admiral
Lieutenant General   //   Vice Admiral
Major General   //   Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
Brigadier General   //   Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
Colonel   //   Captain
Lieutenant Colonel   //   Commander
Major   //   Lieutenant Commander
Captain   //   Lieutenant
First Lieutenant   //   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Second Lieutenant   //   Ensign

Sergeant Major//Master Gunnery Sergeant   //   Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Sergeant//First Sergeant   //   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Gunnery Sergeant   //   Chief Petty Officer
Staff Sergeant   //   Petty Officer 1st Class
Sergeant   //   Petty Officer 2nd Class
Corporal   //   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Lance Corporal   //   Crewman//Senior Airman
Private First Class   //   Crewman Apprentice//Airman 1st Class
Private   //   Crewman Recruit//Airman Basic

UMS Citizenry culture is all over the place. With many different and disparate groups from the Americas, Africa and other parts of the world arriving together over the same Empire State there is a lot of racial and political tension. However, the freedom and mobility afforded by the loose knit nature of the UMS allows for second chances and start overs for newcomers and born citizens.

One of the few, and strangest traditions to hold over, is the tradition of Christmas and New Year’s meals. No matter what ethnicity or culture a citizen hails from, both are celebrated in the Germanic style. Cooked Ham, Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes alongside a tall green tree. And when the new year rolls around for each citizen, they clutch a 20 Militia Dollar bill in hand as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Its become so commonplace that even those following Islam and Judaism take part with fake ham to avoid heretical consumption of pig.

Another hallmark is the open information that every citizen has access too. Similar to House Aldrich, citizens have a large margin of freedom. Unlike Aldrich subjects, USM citizens have a march large scope and breadth of freedom to express themselves and one of the most celebrated ways is joining one of the militias.

There's a specific day of remembrance for the New Texas bombing, known as All Lives Day, family members go to grief, clean up and perform culturally specific ritual on loved ones' graves. At noon of that day, on every planet, the former Confederate Anthem is played, listing every name who lost their lives on that day.
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Lore::General>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems
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