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 Lore::General>>Universal States>>The Terran Republic

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Universal States>>The Terran Republic   Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:41 pm


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The Terran Republic
Terran Republic Flag, circa 2145 before its collapse in 2850
Government Designation: Department of Humanistic Logisitics
Military Designation: United Systems Defense Force
Secret Service: Office of Armed Forces Intelligence

General Information
Founding Year: 2156
Capital Planet: Terra(Earth)
Capital City: Havana, Cuba
Government: Federal Republic
Current Leader: Defunct
Empire Symbol: Flag
Location(relative to Terra): Core World
Total Inhabited Planets:Defunct
Number of Controlled Planets:Defunct
Estimated Population Size:None
Dominate Language: All Languages
Dominate Religions: Strictly Atheist
Currency: Universal Credit ex. 1UC=1.00UC

The Terran Republic was created by a long and horrendously arbitrary process of elimination. With Terran nations at eachother's throats while expanding out into space, war became an inevitable consequence. That is until the UN began to assert domiance over everyone. At the time most nations spent more on space colonization than defense. The UN on the other hand, after three centuries, had built up a strong centralized military which it quickly used to dominate and overtake one capital after the other.

Some UN Member states agreed and helped in capturing these capitals, including the American Alliance Coalition and its sister Coalition the Southern People's Republic. Others fought it directly, most notably the Rising Sun and its ally the USSR. The process of taking the planets took 50 years and by its end, most nations had completely spent themselves save for the European Coalition and the United African States. With power and the world now under the UN's control, the constitution and creation of the Terran Republic was quickly put underway and in the year 2156, the Terran Republic fully realized itself as the dominant artery of human culture, science and military might.

Over time however, as matters and political shifts in power started to occur with the formation of Empire States, many of whom were outcasted leaders from the Unification War, it became increasingly obvious that time was not on the Terran Republic's Side. By 2835, with the reformation of the United Militia Systems, it seemed all but clear that the Terran Republic was not going to last if it didn't expand.

And so it did. Thus the Start of the First Universal War, and the collapse of the Terran Republic had been sealed.

The United Systems Defence Force still exists and is tasked with holding and keep secure all of the advanced technology that was lost during the ensuing Universal Wars.

Of note: Every Terran, Marsian and Venusian are part of the USDF. If the Sol system is ever attacked or if any enemy military unit comes within the Sol system's Non-Aggravation Zone, they are targeted and destroyed with no questions asked.

Because of the closed off nature of the Sol System, not much is known about them directly, but the USDF and it citizens know a lot about the cultures of all the Empire States and their peoples since all central Galactic Internet Relays lead into Terra and then out as per the Treaty of De-Unification.

During its reign in power, Unification Day was celebrated heavily on all Terran Republic worlds. Now its a day of mourning as they remember what they lost during the First Universal War.
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Lore::General>>Universal States>>The Terran Republic
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