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 Lore::General>>Empire States>>Communion of One

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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Empire States>>Communion of One   Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:35 pm


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keyword:Empire States, Communion of One

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Communion of One
The Anthem of the Communion of One, vocals and instruments performed by the Centrallian Orchestra of Peace.
Communion of One's Universal Flag, courtesy of Leader Alexander Vladivostok, circa 3089
Government Designation: Department of Control
Military Designation: Department of Command
Secret Service: Department of Confusion

General Information
Founding Year: 2765
Capital Planet:Linus
Capital City: Central
Government: Technocratic Dictatorship
Current Leader: Alyona Igor
Empire Symbol: Central Figure pictured in Flag
Location(relative to Terra): Rimworld
Total Inhabited Planets:194
Number of Controlled Planets: 209
Estimated Population Size:208,809,000(as of January, 3110)
Dominate Language: Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Norwegian, English
Dominate Religions: No Information Available
Currency: Central Credit ex. 1CC=1.98UC


The Communion of One is the smallest established Empire State, it was also the last to establish itself as an Empire State. Until 2765, they considered themselves at the time just a Galactic State. It was only at the start of the first Universal War that they established themselves as an Empire State to avoid seeming weak against their neighbors of House Aldrich and the Trinity of Gods. They were also the first to learn of the harshness and fruitlessness in occupying or invading the Trinity of Gods territory.

Their society is based on collective ideals, the individual does not matter if suffering as long as the majority are not suffering. To this end and to make sure the majority of comfortable with the mandated meals and supplies they receive each week, citizens are born and then have monitoring equipment surgically implanted into them. All homes are outfitted with monitoring equipment, all cities, all planets, all systems are equally as outfitted. All information is sent from the bottom to top, each layer digging through and disseminating each citizen's words. There is no private information in the Communion of One, and there are no secrets.

Citizens caught stating or illustrating activities or words that are too rebellious are arrested and brought to Re-education Camps where they go through a 5 month process of being re-educated in the ideals of the Communion. Those who pass are brought back to their fellow citizens as if nothing happened, those who fail will continuously go through the process. If the situation demands it, citizens unable to be re-educated are exiled and forced out into space with a small shuttle and a weeks worth of food. Last survey completed by the Communion of One stated the suicide rate for those in exile are 98.73%(courtesy of the Communion of One). Citizens in the Communion are generally healthier and live longer than their equal counterparts in the other Empire States, however the suicide rate is higher than in other Empires.

The leader is chosen not by merit, nor by genes. They are rather chosen for their calm demeanor and ability to make pragmatic conditions. They are then forced to take the Leadership Exam, which includes military, societal and economic issues. The drop out rate for the classes to just prepare for this exam are at 98.13%(courtesy of the Communion of One). Those who pass the class than take the exam, there has only been fifteen moments of in the Communion's history where leaders passed with one or more competitors. At which point a statistical analysis occurs and the one with the best chance of leading is chosen over the others.

The Communion of One's citizens are all conscripts, if the need is called, statistical analysis pulls the best candidates first and then works its ways down until sufficient number is procured for defensive or offensive operations.

The Department of Control focuses on leveraging battle plans both planned at the micro and macro levels of operation. As such, they usually are able to plan for most scenarios. However, human operator error is still a problem and so when a new crank or variable is added their plans tend to fall apart.

The Communion of One's military operates under self contained Flotillas. Each one designated Com-#. Each company is then given a Greek letter designation. A new Flotilla is created when the Greek alphabet runs out for a flotilla. The Communion's organization is different from other Empires because it doesn't count specific roles as separate for a company's total number, instead naval and marine and armor are counted together as a whole to form a company. Because of this, their units are smaller but move faster and respond more quickly, this however is a blessing in a curse because in larger scale operations, the large number of small quickly moving units leads to thousands upon thousands of variables which leave the computers and their human operators backed up and slowed down.

General Armii
Starshiy Leytenant
Mladshiy Leytenant

Starshiy Serzhant
Mladshiy Serzhant

Communion Citizens, even with the very controlling and restrictive government are able to shine out in the form of art and music. Literature, television, radio and video games are tightly controlled to fit the narrative the Communion wants to be shown. The reason art and music are allowed to run freely is because a lot of the musical pieces created are entirely formulaic, citizens are constantly hit with state sponsored 'popular songs' to a point where they instead copy or slightly modify the music when they become of age and experienced to create music. To save on time and energy, art is monitor but not paid attention to, this allows the citizens some degree of ability to vent their opinions or feelings but they never got past that as everything else has been so deeply ingrained into them that it becomes a more passive aggressive sentiment over any real action.
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Lore::General>>Empire States>>Communion of One
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