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 Jessica Mercer

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PostSubject: Jessica Mercer   Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:13 am


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

Connection Complete...

Please insert inquiry: U.M.S. Personnel Filings - Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Alpha Company
keyword: Background, Indentification

Results found: 1
Listing results in Alphabetical Order...


General Information


Full Name: Jesssica A Mercer
Nickname(s): 'Doc', 'Shockie'
Age: 23
Homeworld/Colony: Earth
Morale: High
Military Role: Combat Medic, Shock Trooper Division
Military Rank: Private
Status: Healthy
Relationship Status: Single




Hair Style: Braided, Long
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Dark Green
Facial Features: Freckles Around Nose & Cheeks
Clothing: UMS Onyx Shock Trooper Armor
Build: Toned


Occupations & Hobbies


Drinking Games
Physical Training
Working in the Med-Bay




Markus Mercer - Father - Alive
Liza Mercer - Mother - Alive


Personal Relationships


Sergeant Ryan Hale - Shock Troopers NCO, been with him since the first deployment. Like any infantryman he's stubborn as fuck when he's injured, doesn't wanna leave the fight. But I have some mad respect for him.

Private First Class Sevastian Belyakov - Good soldier, helped hold down the medical rally point while I was busy. Even if he screams loud as fuck when he's shot.

Private First Class Rosenfield - Shock Troopers Sniper, never seen someone fill out a phychological exam so awkwardly in my life.

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Jessica Mercer
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