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 [UPDATED] Hauser's 5th Irregulars, Alpha Company, Shock Trooper Division

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PostSubject: [UPDATED] Hauser's 5th Irregulars, Alpha Company, Shock Trooper Division   Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:11 am

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Hauser's 5th Irregulars, Shock Trooper Division
The division's patch, this can be found on every trooper's uniform.

A fireteam leader ordering his men into combat during the Federal War, circa 2831.

General Information
Hauser's Irregulars are highly-praised as one of the most professional and effective militias, and none best exemplify the spirit of Hauser than his shock troopers. Commonly attributed to a famous quote*, the shock troopers are the cream of the crop. Normally the first ones sent into a battlefield, these soldiers are known for being assigned near-suicidal missions. This has earned them a rather eerie reputation among the rest of the irregulars.

The shock troopers are most often outfitted for close quarters combat, although they obviously have experience with rifles from their time in the infantry. For their training regimen, the division takes Hauser's already grueling regimen and obviously takes it a step up in terms of physical and combat training.

Not many details are generally made aware to the public of what kind of training the division's applicants specifically go to. However, from the first-hand accounts of anonymous Irregulars, as a final test, the shock troopers are sent to test their skills up against Hauser's own.


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[UPDATED] Hauser's 5th Irregulars, Alpha Company, Shock Trooper Division
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