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 Ryan A. Hale

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Recon Lead
Recon Lead

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PostSubject: Ryan A. Hale   Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:40 pm


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

Connection Complete...

Please insert inquiry: U.M.S. Personnel Filings - Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Alpha Company
keyword: Background, Indentification

Results found: 1
Listing results in Alphabetical Order...


General Information


Full Name:- Ryan Aaron Hale
Nickname(s):- N/A
Age:- 24
Homeworld/Colony:- Caridan
Morale:- Excellent
Military Role:- Reconnaissance squad leader
Military Rank:- Sergeant
Status:- Alive
Relationship Status:- Single




Hair Style:- Kept short, almost completely shaven
Hair Colour:- Red/Ginger
Eye Colour:- Light blue
Facial Features:- Almost always clean shaven. A scar running down the left eye, as well as one running across the chin.
Body Features:- Very few outstanding features beyond minor scarring of skin
Clothing:- Standard UMS recon uniform
Build:- Athletic. Keeps a well maintained physical form as expected of one of his rank and role.
Other:- N/A


Occupations & Hobbies


Chess... Lots of chess.
Movies and games
Spouting bullshit




Andrew Hale - Father - Alive
Lisa Hale - Mother - Alive


Personal Relationships


Allison Sobol: Ahh, my corporal. What would I ever do without you? Be happy? Probably. Either way, she's one of the most valued people I have, keeps the squad straight and out of Daddy's booze cabinet. Man though... What I wouldn't do for hair like that.

Cale Gosse: Man, oh man. Have I ever met someone as stupid as Gosse?! Probably! But I'd still say he's a right barrel of laughs. Like a barrel of monkeys... If the monkeys were on fire and spat acid. You also have to sit inside the barrel itself... So yes, Gosse is like that.

Seth Jacobs: A man after my own heart, no doubt. He's good at his job, but throws up two giant middle fingers to any idea of rules or regulation. So, good for him. Still, he does his job better than any other engineer I've ever seen and he's a good buddy to hang out with.

Corporal Allen Henderson: A truly capable corporal, if I were to say so myself. He knows what he's talking about and is always happy to spend time with the men, the mark of a good NCO, in my mind at least. Performs well on the field as well. No complaints.

Private Jasmine... DID SHE EVEN TELL ME HER FUCKING LAST NAME?!: Private in the infantry division. An excellent cook and fellow booze hound it seems. My kind of gal, if I were to say so myself. Either way, look forward to seeing how they do.

Private Violet Jones: A private in recon and one of my most active members, I believe. As sarcastic as she is, she gets the job done and follows orders well. A good addition to recon I believe. And of course, it's always funny to fuck with the privates and do retarded shit, but hey.

Private Sylvia Rosenfeld: Another private in recon. She's funny and sarcastic as all recon members seem to be, so that's pleasant. Of course, she can be hotheaded, it seems, but nothing that can't be fixed with some training and discipline. Either way, good addition without a doubt.

Sergeant Woodgrave: Calling him a capable NCO might be an understatement. He knows what he's doing and I trust him to lead his men to the best of his ability. Pair that with his also capable coproral, and I believe in infantry to do well and keep a high standard if all goes well.

Dragon's bite: PMCs. I don't trust them all that much, but nor do I believe they're going to do us any harm. They're only in it for the money, so as long as that continues to flow into their pockets, I believe they'll fight well for us. Of course, the racism in general is inevitable when dealing with people from the Commune, even if they left. Either way, I don't want to rely on them too much.

Private Grace Kelly (Kelly Turner): A medic with a mouth that runs faster than a Dragon's commune soldier to a bowl of rice. Sarcastic and generally douchey, she reminds me of myself when I first joined the UMS... And that PISSES ME OFF. I was a little shit stain. And so is she. But she also has the potential to do really well once she screws her head on.

Private Bird Brain (Allyson Longbird): She's special.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan A. Hale   Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:53 pm



JiiBB's Characters

[Main Hoe]Lieutenant Hannah Karmick -- Naval Operations Officer
[Side Hoe] Chief Petty Officer Markus Powell -- Medical Division
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BB52000 (Bryan)

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan A. Hale   Tue May 05, 2015 6:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan A. Hale   

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Ryan A. Hale
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