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 Engineering Rules

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Engineering Lead
Engineering Lead

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PostSubject: Engineering Rules   Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:01 pm


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

Connection Complete...

Please insert inquiry: U.M.S. Public Reports - Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Engineer's Corps
keyword: Format, Request

Results found: [N/A]
Compiling received data...
ERROR: Filing code not achieved-
Result found: "Captain Cid's Code of Conduct"


Initialized Request


If you're receiving this, it means you're part of this crews glorious team of combat sappers. A result of your current station is that you'll be required to follow a certain set of codes and guidelines. Be warned, while some of these are guidelines, it's your own ass if you managed to fuck them up. If you want to refer to hygenics, dresscode, or any of the other usual pussy baloney; then please refer to your infantry handbook. These are not your only rules, you're still bound to the rules of the ship... Where it matters, anyways. A few rules aren't listed here; you'll be informed of those as they come. Till then, just remember to not eat the yellow snow, and don't try to mingle with the Recon units.

Rule Number One: Be prepared for all deployments, know what to bring, and know your job. Adapt as necessary

Rule Number Two: Do not allow non-Engineering personnel to aid in repairs. We don't want a repeat of that fuel explosion back at dock.

Rule Number Three: EVA gear is a requirement, so keep it in top shape. If you can't walk through a pool of boiling water without coming out like a boiled lobster, then something's wrong, and you fucked up.

Rule Number Four: Core repairs are dangerous, and they sit right above the engineering room, so be sure to evacuate the room before starting. You must also be sure to come geared up in a hazard suit, just for personal safety... Your balls can grow a few sizes in a bad way.

Rule Number Five: Don't engage in EVA repairs without proper CO permission. This means from First Lieutenant to Captain, as available, this is for a reason so don't question it.

Rule Number Six: Respond to your NCO, just because you don't have to fill non-filed requests for other CO's or NCO's in the infantry unit doesn't mean you can tell your Sergeant to piss off. That'll get you smacked.

Rule Number Seven: Ship is love, ship is life. If the ship gets damaged, you are immediately obligated to aid the ship crew in any and every repair. This is non-negotiable, it's everyone's life on hand at that point.

Rule Number Eight: Don't fucking die. The field is a hostile place, so don't poke your head up when you don't need to. Leave the risk taking and heroism to the Infantry, stay low and let them move first till you reach your objective.

Rule Number Nine: Don't piss off Armored. Yes, we have a butt-buddy relationship with them half the time, but they get easily pissed if they see us partying atop their tanks... So don't do it.

Rule Number Ten: This is the golden rule, remember it always... Don't fucking touch the radio in Engineering... Don't ever fucking touch the radio in engineering. Metal only.

-TSgt. S. Jacobs


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Engineering Rules
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