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 Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>Human Rights>>Records

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PostSubject: Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>Human Rights>>Records   Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:45 am


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Human Rights

Human rights have had a long history in expansion during the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries revolving around issues such as the treatment of African Slaves in the United States to the Soviet Rainbow Protests of the 21st century.

Human rights continued to expand out, during the UN power grab and subsequent invasion of different capitals on Earth they began to enforce rules with full civil rights, giving populations who were previously denied civil rights or partial rights the ability to have full rights.

Many saw this as a welcome change while others lodged criticism that the changes came in the wake of war, that soldiers who were part of the Terran Republic forces had shot and killed civilians, even by accident and no trial had occurred.

For the later half of the 21st century were large leaps and freedoms granted to minorities(depending on region) as well as a push to offer an actual even playing field. This helped out a very many communities who'd become neglected and down trodden and was celebrated heavily.

During the 24th century, some of those rights started to backslide as elements inside the Terran Republic began to push and pull at the system set up around the Universal State. This lead to several key people getting exhiled, causing mass exoduses of people.

Since the fall of the Terran Republic and rise of the Empire states, rights continue to backslide for the individual's right to privacy, free speech and self autonomy from the state. Women's issues have come back to the forefront of several Empire States and the rights of those who identify with LGBTQ+ spectrum are also facing cultural and political stagnation.

AI and Robotic rights are the current issue being spoken about

The Decline of Religious Rights
Since the 24th century, human rights to privacy started to slide backward as insurgent and outspoken members of the Terran Republic began to poke and pull at its weak points. Fearing the collapse or imminent outbreak of infighting within the Terran Republic's sphere of influence, several groups, including most of the common world religions were forced to exile, worship was out right banned and a mass deconstruction of religious subject matter that wasn't culturally significant in the Terran's eyes was dismantled and destroyed. People caught worshiping any major or smaller religion was sentenced or exiled, leading to a massive exodus of the religious population.

Decline of Veteran and Soldiery status
At the same time, rights of veterans and soldiers began to decline, first in payments and general welfare of those who served the Republic, but also in political spheres where their influence began to drain as they fought harder and more entrenched rebel elements outside of the Terran's sphere of control. This eventually lead to the Terran's top general, Lee McArthur, who at the time leaked that political personnel were pushing to reduce funding to the veteran and welfare programs initially set up by the heavily military dominant UN at the start of the Terran Republic. His leak, not only scandalous but shook the Republic to its very core, his exile was not only guaranteed but to many was seen as an easy sentence. The military did not feel the same way, with his former staff, most of the top military leaders and a quarter of the United Systems Defence Force(USDF) leaving with the exiled General. This lead to a crackdown on Military personnel, forcing them into silence unless in combat or inside facilities that civilians could not enter, failure to comply was met with execution.

Martial Law declared
Rebel elements, especially the Dragon's Rising, began to fight back in specifically colonies of Chinese and Japanese sources basing their philosophies on the Eastern Doctrines of former Communist China, they fought against what felt like a Westernized Oppression of their cultural identity. Human Rights in these areas declined into Martial Law as the USDF began to use torture and other methods to get to the leadership behind the rebel movement, things came to a head during the war for Neo-Tokyo, leading to a small lived victory of the Dragon's Rising before Neo-Tokyo was nuked and they were pushed out in a large offensive known as Operation 'Chink in the Armor'. The racism of the name didn't escape the people of the area who left in droves with the retreating rebels. Martial law began to spread as other rebel movements and protests exploded forward from that, by the end of the 22nd century, most would be inside the control the military, policing being co-opted and brought in to be equipped and trained like military MPs.

Eminent Domain Declared
With the increasing in military spending and increased money loss due to rebel movements springing up and destroying infrastructure, money began to be spent more than the Terran Republic was making. To the Republic, the best people to go after were the old Elites, who for the most part did not leave Earth. Most elites spent their lives on Earth, never leaving its soil. This changed with subsequent seizure of property including corporations. In a successful move to bolster their income, the Republic moved to confiscate all materials and accounts pertaining to corporate or inherited money. The elite saw this as the first step to an oppressive communistic regime, the majority public who at the time felt the economic slow down the worse, saw it as a justice. Using the last of their funds, several corporations and royal families of Europe moved to the outer rim, searching for planets to rebuild their wealth. High taxes on the wealthy never happened again, and taxes actually dropped due to the incoming being generated by the now public owned corporations.

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Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>Human Rights>>Records
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