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 Event Idea? Post it here!

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Infantry NCO

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PostSubject: Event Idea? Post it here!   Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:51 pm

As the name suggests!

If you, one of our lovely players, has an idea that you can't get rid of, you must show it, you neeeed to show it. Your lady or male boner is raging to hard NOT to show it.

Post it here, we will not call you a moron.*

Just follow these simple guidelines!

Quote :
Name of the Event
Map to be used
Any other material needed

Primary Objective:

  • List requirements if necessary

Secondary Objective:

  • List Requirements as necessary

Tertiary Objective:

  • List Requirements as necessary

Failure Conditions:

  • List as Neccessary

Victory Conditions:

  • List as Neccessary

And that's it! Very easy and concise, you can fancy it up with a short brief and debrief for the victory and failure conditions.

*Unless its particularly retarded.
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Event Idea? Post it here!
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