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 Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Militia List

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PostSubject: Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Militia List   Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:26 am


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Alabama's Wild Hogs
Quote :
Known as the Wild Hogs, the Alabama system's milita focused heavily on quick brutal and short lived attacks. Their signature attack on the ground are several CAS runs followed by a mechanized push of scout and light armor vehicles while heads are down followed by close quarters troops. They're biggest claim to fame is the 1st and 2nd Wild Hogs assault on a Terran Republic held UMS world known as Victor, not only catching off this key supply line planet of guard but effectively halting the push Terran push into the UMS.

Aruj's Barbary Pirates
Quote :
The Barbary Pirates were originally a Mercenary faction that harassed Trinity of Gods and Confederate States of the Eagle. They became popular to local businesses and merchants in the Confederacy systems nearby because their raiding not only forced business to them but also helped prop and stabilize the smaller local systems. The Confederacy took notice of this and instead offered to employ the Barbary Pirates under their banner to act as an anti-pirate patrol force. After 50 years, their loyalty was noted and they were given control over the original systems they helped flourish at their start.

Arizona's Apache Warriors
Quote :
Named after the Apache namesake and pulling heavily from the caricature that was popularized in the mid 20th century, the Apache Warriors are anything but the brutish unthinking evil force that had become popularized. Instead, they were one of the first to recognize the Confederacy, knowing too well that it would expand out and engulf more of the local systems. Their warriors famously known for being cool, collected and caring, even to enemy soldiers. A House Aldrich soldier once quoted, "Being captured by the Apaches wasn't terrible, I had better food than I got in my own company and they fixed up my broken arm, treated me as an equal even during combat."

Balogun Guards
Quote :
The Balogun Gaurds work closely with their neighboring New Zulu Ibutho militia. The two systems used to be together but after border disputs started to cause fist fights the Confederacy decided to separate the two systems from each other by a Fund Exam against Confederate Star Forces. The Balogun's under performed in almost every regard and to this day continue to under perform, they're considered one of the best support militias, excelling at Artillery and creating entrenched positions, their defenses are second to none and they can easily keep up with even the fastest chargers, the New Zulu Ibutho. Many question why they haven't been brought back under the New Zulu flag and that is mainly due to neither side wanting to reconsolidate, instead enjoying their separate autonomy but close working friendship.

Cherokee Irregulars
Quote :
The Cherokee Irregulars warriors act as medical and religious personnel during combat. Just like the ancestoral name as given, after the Federal War and the nuking of New Texas by their rebel brothers most if not all Cherokee Minutemen dropped their rifles. Instead taking on medical and religious garb to support and make sure as many troops of the UMS make it back. They have priests and shamans of most faiths and the Cherokee medics are well known by all militias. All militia usually have a squad or more of Cherokee personnel within their companies to act as support personnel in both the wounded and troubled in mind. They're also famous for their Mae West ship pilots and crew.

Dakota's Defensive Guards
Quote :
Dakota's Defensive Guard act as the last line of defense for the Capital planet of Dakota. Usually working in conjunction with the Federal Star Military, most militia do not make the distinction between two since Dakota companies are used as internal affairs among the other Militias. They're both highly regarded in their static defense stratagems and heavily mistrusted for their ability to insert any member of their company into another militia company. This has proven useful however in routing out corruption and actually helped capture the initial members of the New Rebellion Sun during the Federal War. This is where the distrust came from, mainly because Federal officials listed them as simply transfers.

Eisenhower's Pointmen
Quote :
The Pointmen militia get their name sake's from the fact during the Universal Wars and Federal War, they were usually on point and acted as the scouting militia. Pointmen losses are usually few but that's because they usually do not stick around for combat that often unless forced to at which point they perform from average to just plain mediocre, a lot of their force excels at being the first strike or even dropping behind enemy lines to cause confusion but against coordinated static defenses they're usually underwhelming and unable to provide a series offensive. They were the leading militia during the counter attack against the Terran Republic, creating the bulky of the footholds and planet heads for the other Militias to move in.

Georgia's Irregulars
Quote :
The Georgian Irregulars are the average Militia trooper in every capacity. They perform adequately across all boards and serve as one of the largest militias due to their planets being heavily populated for the large corporate and service industries. They have no real claim to fame, having stayed neutral excepting in times of the Universal Wars and the Federal War. They're wholly unremarkable.

Hauser's Irregulars
Quote :
Hauser's Irregulars are one of the most famous militias across the galaxy, the invasion and siege of its homeworld of Hauser having been re-written from every point of view, shot from every angle and portrayed in every modern first person shooter videogame or at least making reference to it. Hauser's militia is known as one of the best, constantly scouring highly against the Federal Star troops especially in static defense and assaulting entrenched positions. Hauser served as one of the two militias to only have backed up and supported the Confederate forces during the Federal War, as such while most militias understand their pro-Federal positioning, the original four militias still bear and hold grudges.

New Kentucky's Militia
Quote :
The New Kentucky Militia is infamously known as the Assholes of the United Militia Systems. Ruthless, domineering, loud and brash. Most historians agree that its because of the New Kentucky Militia that both Militia Wars started and created the Rebellion movement against the Confederate States of the Eagle. The General at the time, General Lee Oswald is also infamous for being the man who launched the nukes that destroyed New Texas. The New Kentucky Militia scores well against the Federal Star Military, securing funding to have a sizeable militia size however most either want to forget their Milita's past or hate the Federal Government. They specialize in creating bulges, a sport of irony by history as they are good at poking holes in defensive lines and forcing a gap for other militias to move in.

New Zulu's Ibutho
Quote :
The Ibutho are known to be brutal mechanized infantry, ready to blitz any position given the order and heavily rely on their Balogun compatriots in making sure that Zulu supply lines and wounded are moved in and out just as quickly as they push a line forward. The Ibutho heavily use the tactical maneuver that their namesake comes from, using fast moving light and medium armor to flank while the center is charged with heavy armor and infantry. However, this only works when there's an opening, often times they have to force an opening which costs them a lot of manpower. They score moderately well against Federal Star Forces.

Pennsylvania's Pincers
Quote :
The Pincers are also known as Freedom's Bell because of their overzealous use psychological warfare during combat operations, announcing themselves through the use of last ring of the Freedom Bell from the largest city of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Like the last three entries in this list, the Pincers are not actually a land heavy force, instead making up half the fleets the militia has at its disposal outside of the Federal Star Forces. Their captains and fleet crews are famous for their tenacious and downright terrifying methods of attack ranging from actually gliding larger ships just outside the gravity well of planets to almost slamming their frigates and smaller space craft to allow their weapons to fire indiscriminately. They also make up a large of the Space Infantry, and constantly score highly in space combat exams.

Scott's Suffocators
Quote :
Scott's Suffocators are seige specialists, plain and simple. Their name relying back on the famous Union General who strangled the Confederacy during the American Civil War, the Suffocators understand what it takes to properly siege a planet from space. Their ships tend to have function over form, over sized ammunition stockpiles and heavier armor. Sacrificing crew space and the ability to actually invade planets. Their Space Infantry are infamous for being able to board any vessel, any station, any zero-g object. The Sunbreaks get their name from the fact they destroyed the lead capital ship of the Confederacy Star during the Federal War.

Washington's Wild Riders
Quote :
Wild Riders are known to be the best pilots in the Militia side of the USM's military, comprised of ace pilots they work closely with the Suffocators and Pincers. Together with the Hauser Irregulars, the Wild Riders not only overtook key positions of entrenched militia positions that outnumbered them but they were able to close the bulge created by the New Kentucky push. Their ground forces are completely comprised of heavily trained Shocktroops, prepared to drop in any situation, they're usually sent in with the Pointmen Militia. They constantly score well against the Federal Star Forces, in fact they consistently have the highest score.
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Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Militia List
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