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 Super Nova Lore:: Overview

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PostSubject: Super Nova Lore:: Overview   Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:36 pm

Super Nova Lore

Humanity has escaped Earth, in doing so it created the Terran Republic. The Terran Republic, eventually becoming a brutal regime like most central powers, exhiling the founding members of the future five Empire States which would become its downfall.

The Confederate States of the Eagle was the first to be founded by the ousted military leader, General Lee MacArthur.
Trinity of Gods combined the three largest human religions under one council after each were exiled at the same time.
The Dragon's Commune burst out of the exiled Communist Leaders of China and Japan to spread like a forest fire.
House Aldrich made its royal appearance when the wealthy royal elite were shunned by Terran society and forced to leave.
The Communion of One was created to force stability on the turbulent exiles of Soviet Gulags and their families.

All of them hated the Terran Republic with the same measure the Terrans hated them.

In the First Universal War, started by the Terran Republic who invaded the nuclear phoenix of the Confederate Eagle, clawed through way through the Terran Republic. With everyone fractured, looking out for their own empire and the dwindling knowledge being lost to fighting each other, each empire entered into a perpetual stalemate. The Universal Wars forced humanity backwards and only now are they climbing out of the hole they dug themselves.

The year is 3013, 6 years after the 5th Universal War. You hail from the Hauser System as part of the 5th Irregulars, a recent company brought out of the mothball.
You server under the banner of the United Militia Systems.
Have a good day, Citizen.
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Super Nova Lore:: Overview
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