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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Technologies>>Civilian   Lore::General>>Technologies>>Civilian Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2015 7:47 pm


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

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Please insert inquiry:Websters Galaticapedia
keyword:Galatic information, technologies, civilian

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Listing results in Alphabetical Order...

Civilian life in the empires vary. Most scholars and sociologists can safely say that life is much better for the average poor civilian than it was even at the height of the American economy during the mid 20th century.

Depending on what planet you're living on, most civilians live comfortably, even in poorer situations. These are excluded to harsher condition planets such as volcanic or harsh terrestrial conditions like Venus. Life on these non-terraformed worlds is harsh and unforgiving, whether the dangers are hypothermia or its opposite hyperthermia.

Terraformation, Planet Shaping
Terraformation is one of the most basic attributes to a class 2 civilization based upon the Kardashev Scale. Humanity is a class two civilization. As such, terraforming is one of the most basic things that happen, most terrestrial planets worth terraforming are funded and then worked on by the colonists and civilians themselves.

Harsher planets instead get smaller fixtures, towns locked away inside minor outposts controlling robots through remote controls to work the industrial segments built to survive harsher conditions then where they're installed.

Galatical Network
The Galatic Network is a larger and less comprehensive version of its predecessors, the Internet and the Terran Web. Dubbed internet 9.0, the Galatic Network is a larger web of planets strung together by a system of main stations and condenser stations.

The Galatic Network is usually attached to smaller scale Web Systems specific to each planet. The limited bandwidth given means that information is heavily analyzed, condensed, reconstructed and sent out in the directions it most go.

The hubs for each of these stations, where the original message is sent to or streamed from are under the control of thee United Systems Defense Force.

The Galatic Network is accessible to all civilians, and is easily accessible but information is prioritized due to this, government messages supersede corporate messages which supersede civilian messages.

Cybernetics and Prosthesis
Cybernetics and Prothesis were and still are fairly common practice. Cybernetics were much more common during the Terran Republic days, but a lot of the medical procedures and technology lost during the first Universal War.

Prosthesis is seen as the more viable option as the medical tech is common enough that medical practices could be re-learned just based upon maintenance and learning how the procedure was done alone. However, just like those in the early to mid 21st century, prosthesis meant being stuck in supporting roles or civilian roles. Losing a limb in war now generally means going outside combat and being honorably discharged.
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