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PostSubject: Lore::General>>Technologies>>Travel   Lore::General>>Technologies>>Travel Icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2015 7:00 pm


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Humans have been moving long distances since they were born with two feet and the need to wander. With that need came the wheel, the cart, the chariot, the horse drawn buggy, the gas powered car, the hydroelectric engine. Humans have been traveling since before the start of human civilization and they'll travel even during their last dying breaths as a collective whole.

Local Travel
Before the Universal Wars, most cars were hydrogen powered, using hydroelectric and charged battery engines as a means to move around. Charged and solar powered batteries were not space nor resource efficient and with water ships being readily available the water market was strong enough to carry the weight of fueling hydroelectric engines and the water based lifeforms that drove them.

That changed due to the collapse of the Terran Republic and the ensuing Universal Wars, the ability to send water became extremely limited. It became impossibly expensive to move about using water.

The United Militia Systems was the first to switch back to petroleum based car engines, using heavily filtered engines the damage to the environment would be minimal and the petrol exhumed from harsh or already unlivable planets such as Venus. With the resurgence of gasoline powered cars, came back the research into them. Unlike their contemporary counterparts from the 20th and 21st century, the combustion engine of today is powerful, gets more than 100 miles to the gallon and produces far lest waste than its charged battery brother which has been abandoned.

Flighted vehicles are also under gasoline's grip once again, with most civilian and military aircraft constructed of lightweight metal alloys and based around miniature VTOL designs, gasoline and air fuel is no longer the same issue it was when giant airliners ferried people across Earth's oceans.

Space Travel
With the advent of warp capable ships due to the Chernobyl Drive allowed for interstellar and galactic travel. Colony ships, the largest of any vessel, were the first to be built and are the most heavily maintained and used even to this day for civilian, troop and cargo transportation. Up until the Universal War, just like the hydroelectric engine, the Chernobyl Drive was build-able and affordable, and was mainly built by the Terran Republic.

A few factories existed inside the Confederate States of the Eagle and the Dragon's Commune, but its generally accepted most factories were located inside the Terran Republic.

When the Terran Republic was destroyed, its warp construction factories were one of the first targets, both to sabotage, theft of pieces of tech and research as well as just being blown up.

Warp factories are now as the scientist Neil Oliver Tyson has stated, "are a unicorn dragon griffon.", being non-military and non-targets for all empires at war. These warp capable factories are constantly work, churning out engines everyday but the drastic reduction production means only the largest needs are met, meaning colony ships and military vessels are outfitted. This makes colony ships floating homes, many live their lives out on these ships using local space faring vessels for trade and gathering of materials to be transported from spot to spot.
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