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 Gav 'Jackhammer' Woodgrave

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Infantry NCO
Infantry NCO

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PostSubject: Gav 'Jackhammer' Woodgrave   Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:44 am


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

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Please insert inquiry: U.M.S. Personnel Filings - Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Alpha Company
keyword: Background, Indentification

Results found: 1
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General Information


Full Name:- Gav Woodgrave

Nickname(s):- 'Jackhammer'

Age:- 32

Homeworld/Colony:- Paraxxi

Morale:- High - Determined & Focused

Military Role:- Infantry

Military Rank:- Sergeant

Status:- Alive

Relationship Status:- Married




Hair Style:- Shaven /w Mohawk
Hair Colour:- Dark Hazel
Eye Colour:- Hazel
Facial Features:- N/A
Body Features:- Family Tattoo on Left Arm. UMS Insignia Tattoo on Right Arm.
Clothing:- Standard UMS Infantry Uniform
Build:- Mesomorphic
Other:- N/A


Occupations & Hobbies


- Physical Training
- Weapons Training
- Tactician
- Martial Arts




Jacob Woodgrave - Father - Deceased
Susan Woodgrave - Mother - Alive
Lucy Woodgrave - Wife - Alive
Nick Woodgrave - Son - Alive
Liz Woodgrave - Daughter - Alive


Personal Relationships


Allen Henderson: Remember when the lad first came into the UMS as a Private. Was drafted straight into my unit. Took some time for him to get used to the life of a soldier but he got there eventually. A respectful soldier who does as he's told. Just the kind of soldier I expect, especially now since he will be serving as a Cpl, likely under my watch. I look forward to see how he operates in future operations.
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PostSubject: Re: Gav 'Jackhammer' Woodgrave   Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:37 pm

O'Riley Pls


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Gav 'Jackhammer' Woodgrave
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