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 Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Systems>>Hauser

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PostSubject: Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Systems>>Hauser   Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:32 am


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'Warrior's Horror', Hauser's System Anthem, peformed by the Bradburian Orchestra.
The Hauser Flag, courtesy of General Issac Fell Tree, circa 3009.
Computer generation of the system's homeworld, Hauser.

General Information
Capital Planet Name: Hauser
Number of Continents:5
Planet Conditions:Terran(Lush Jungle)
Population Size:8 Billion
Capital City: Bradbury
Economical Specialization: Commercial, Agricultural
Militia: Hauser's Irregulars
Political Body: Militia's Hall of Citizenry

Hauser was founded in 2235 and named after its first militia general, Ryan Hauser. It was the last System to join the Confederate States of the Eagle after its defeat by the than General Rayland Eisenhower. The War itself lasted only two years, the main portion of resistance being that the Hauserian Citizens didn't trust the Confederacy at the time. Being founded on by a military officer, they prized the ability to lead as it meant more men and women came home. As such, during the Hauserian Skirmishes, the troops would come home with stories of personally fighting up against the General.

Infact, no troops came home telling these stories, it was a succesful propaganda campaign during the war that shifted the publics viewpoint of the Confederacy. By the end of the war, the Hauser system was satisfied enough to join.

A lot of Hauser System planets are Terran in nature, lush jungle or plains. This meant they could most efficiently use the worlds for agriculture and commerce. Since joining the Confederacy, the Hauser system has been one of the main food distribution networks for the Confederate States of the Eagle and the United Militia Systems. Even in systems like House Aldrich and the Dragon's Commune, you'll find Hauser Seals and freight markers on a lot of different food items.

For a Hauserian citizen, their main point of pride is their Militia, the Hauser Irregulars. Most citizens go through a 4 year stint in the Militia before moving on. The main reason for the pride is chiefly in the fact that they didn't require the Confederacy. One of the biggest reasons for the formation of the Confederate States of the Eagle laid behind a poor security network amongst the different militias, many of whom had gaping holes in their security.

Hauser was known to be one of the toughest places to operate for bandits, pirates and organized crime as Militia was very active and clung to their Professional attitudes and dogmas very tightly.

This same attitude and dogmas came to aid them during the Second Militia War with the odds they had stacked against them meant all they could do is cause as much damage as possible. New Kentucky and Malian militia units noted just how hard the Irregulars fought throughout the Second War.

One of the New Kentucky generals noted, "The Hauser Irregulars fight with the same kind of ferocity as a mountain lion caught in a corner. We lost a lot of good men."

Most famously, and has been depicted many times in movies and videogames was the invasion and siege of Hauser, the homeworld. Which lasted for 11 months until the Confederacy Comet forces moved in to provide reinforcement.

To this day, Hauser consistently scores highly against Federal Star Forces along side the Georgian Irregulars and the Washington Wild Riders during the funding exams.

Hauser Irregulars Militia
There are 11 cores of the Hauser Irregulars, the newest one being brought back from mothballs being the 5th Irregulars.

Hauser's Irregular Militia training is grueling as one recruit put it. 5 Hours of bed sleep, followed by 3 hours of combat simulation and 8 hours in classes followed by another 5 hours of real life combat simulations, this never changes for 2 years. Hauser militia units famously refer to their recruits as Virgins, not losing their recruit rank until the first taste of combat is given.

Hauser units tended to favor quick and brutal attacks but have slowly shifted ever since the Second Militia War and the Federal War toward intense battles of attrition as most combat against other Empire States turn into static fights in trenches. The one thing that's never changed is their highly skilled and experienced ship boarding parties known as Drillers because they use a specific explosive that drills into metal plating to deposit its material. Drillers never leave the ship and specialize in zero-g combat, including inside debris fields, asteroids and zero-g space stations which makes them ideal for attacking ships interiors.

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Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Systems>>Hauser
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