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 How to use external links for custom props in the use of PAC.

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PostSubject: How to use external links for custom props in the use of PAC.   Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:10 am

Okay lets get started, here in this guide I'll teach you how to use a custom prop from an external link like say from dropbox or

To start off, make your prop by clicking on the model tab.
After you click the link you should have this show up, a plain PAC orb.
After that you should go and grab the links that you want to be using, I will provide an example but I will not show you how to actually get this link, thats up to you to find out.

(I might make a guide showing all the steps and shit that you would need to port shit over from other games and upload them to an external site like or once I get a better comp.)

[Then, once you have your model you will need two links, one for the actual world prop, and the second acts as the texture, or "skin".]

[As an example we will use these two links.]
[^^This first link will act as the prop.]
[^^ this link will act as the skin.]

Take the first link and paste it into the model path.
You should wind up with this.
Now take the second link, and paste it into the "Material" tab in the same model prop.
It should look like this.
Now all that is left is for you to re-arrange the prop using the arrows and what-not.
In the end it should look something like this.
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How to use external links for custom props in the use of PAC.
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