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 Alisa 'Ivanovna' Romanov

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PostSubject: Alisa 'Ivanovna' Romanov   Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:28 pm


Idenitifying Network Provider....
Idenitification complete: Galcast GIP

Connection Complete...

Please insert inquiry: U.M.S. Personnel Filings - Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Alpha Company
keyword: Background, Indentification

Results found: 1
Listing results in Alphabetical Order...


General Information


Full Name: Alisa 'Ivanovna' Romanov
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: Twenty-six
Homeworld/Colony: Hauser
Morale: Fair
Military Role: Hauser's 5th Irregulars - Infantry
Military Rank:- Private
Status: Alive
Relationship Status:- UNKNOWN




Hair Style: Short cut, parted
Hair Colour: "Brown blonde"
Eye Colour: Silver
Facial Features: Somewhat pale complexion, Unblemished
Body Features: Athletic
Clothing: Standard Infantry Uniform
Build: Lighter(er) weight, Athletic, Decent build
Other: N/A


Habits & Hobbies


Remaining quiet & Isolating herself from others

Physical Training
Firearms practice
English Literature
Musical Instruments




██████████ - Father - *UNKNOWN*
██████████ - Mother - *UNKNOWN*
██████████ - Brother - *UNKNOWN*


Personal Relationships


Family  •  "Love"  •  Good Friends  •  Friends  • Liked  •  Respected  •  Indifferent  •  Dislike  •  Hate

Second Lieutenant John Marnett
Again with the color mixing eh heh. He's pretty awkward sometimes and also pretty 'blunt' with what he has to say. He's a good leader, pretty chill most of the time as well...

Petty Officer Daniella Adalia Maria De la Rosa Ramierz
Great petty officer, I'd like to consider her a friend although I don't know her much, extremely friendly.

First Sergeant William Karl Brayton
I've been on a decent amount of OP's led by him or with him in general, even under pressure.. somehow he still manages to be a great leader.

Technical Sergeant Seth D. Jacobs
Amazing leader, one of the only people I've been able to talk to as well, I'd consider him a good friend of mine.

Sergeant Edward S. Price
Don't know much about him except he's lead of the Reconnaissance Division.. that and he likes penguins remember him radioing that on our last OP.

Sergeant Hudson O'Riley
Pfft, I like him. He's gotten promoted extremely fast and I can see why, he's a little bit ominous but still a great leader, wouldn't have any trouble calling him a friend and I'm grateful to serve with him.

Corporal Aiden Rivers
He's in Recon I know that, he's pretty chill and he performs well under pressure as well.

Pvt. Cheryl 'Sully-bear' Sullivan
Had to mix up colors just to find a place I could place her, her general attitude bothers me (I cant be the only one.. can I?) regardless.. she doesn't follow orders and if you're a higher rank than her you can expect her to 'love' you. I could only imagine that soon she's going to get herself or someone else killed.

She's pretty cool, she talks a lot though.

The alien turtle looking thing that soldier grabbed, pretty cute.

*I'll add more in time, comment and you'll be added!*

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Dante :D

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PostSubject: Re: Alisa 'Ivanovna' Romanov   Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:45 pm

Respect for Explosions in the Sky
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Alisa 'Ivanovna' Romanov
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