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 Issues Up In Here-Addressed

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PostSubject: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:28 pm

I got sick of the arguments. So, I'm going to tell it how it is:

Warning: Sass Level: Maximium
-No names have been said to protect their identity.

Drama: What are you in..? Highschool? Oh, right. That's.. kinda right. Some of us are in highschool, some in college, and some even way past that. The funny thing is, the most part, most of the drama is caused by people OUT of highschool (Yes, OUT of highschool). This is coming from a neutral point who's seen everything and kept silent about most things. It starts out as an argument between two people. Both think they're completely right and have no use in listening to the other. Pretty soon, aggression takes its course in the attempt to overpower the other being through abrasive language and "lol you're mad. u sensitive irl or something?" kind of verbiage. It's EXTREMELY childish, disappointing, and very painful to listen to. If you're already in a pissy mood, then get off and go do something else. Don't stay where your anger could be tested and result in you blowing up. Yes, you know exactly who you are. Take a chill pill and go do something productive while you can, then come back when you can handle a situation like a proper adult. (Oh, shocker!)

Admin Team: I'll admit. The admin team isn't the best or strongest that it can be, but that can be easily fixed. Everyone in the admin team has their strengths and weaknesses. The biggest weakness in the admin team is still trying to work together. Usually, an admin questions another admin's command, usually in an aggressive manner, and usually in front of other admins. Plainly put, if you have a problem with another admin, who's suppose to be on your TEAM, (Yes, a team, would you like me to search up the definition for you?), then you go off and talk to them in a private setting and work it out. Communication, something the admin still struggles with to this day. This is why I suggested frequent admin meetings (at least once a week if possible) to discuss the good and bad going around, so every admin team is caught up with the events. Also, that admins critique each other if something went wrong that week. (That is a solution for the admins who complain about never being updated.) Admins, you should be the most respectable people in this community. You've been put in this position for a reason, to lead and serve the community. If your personal bias and views on someone are going to get in the way of that? Sorry to say this, then get out and get someone better who will actually try and will have a MUCH better attitude about it. So.. If nobody starts the admin meetings then, I will.

Certain People: Okay. We all admit. Every community has those few people you can't either stand or just plainly put, get on your last nerve. I understand that, of course I do. Though, going around their backs and talking shit about them day after day and trying to get people to hate them, too isn't the right thing to do. (Oh, ethics, how we love you yet ignore you.) We're all at an age that we understand wrong or right (At least I hope so.) You should then know that it's wrong to do shit talking. Yes, we can all be guilty of it, even me at times. It's understandable if they royally piss you off and you just need someone to rant to. However, sometimes this "ranting" can just turn into general bad-mouthing of the person to more than one person. If the person angers you, it's best to just be honest with them about the situation. If they understand? Cool beans, you've fixed the situation. If they don't? Then, it's obvious you shouldn't waste your time on someone like that and move on your life. Simple. (This is how you create a life full of friends and empty of enemies. Just a word of advice for you.) Another issue to address: OOC to IC and IC to OOC. Guys, it's just a game. Just..

If something is upsetting you IC, then just excuse yourself until you calm down. Don't put something against someone because someone did something to your character. It's just roleplay.

Events: Events? Okay? If you're complaining about events, but you don't even put YOUR input about what the event should be like? Don't even open your mouth. If an event is running and you think you can do better, then speak up, damnit! It's a community for a reason. You're there to voice your opinions on what should be done or what would make the role-play more interesting. Yet, all you want to do is just keep complaining. Alright, here's a Bunneh solution. Make an E-Team like the one that was in Lunar Nature. EXCEPT, try to make the E-team more of non-admins than admins to work out the team. Run it however you like, but put it so that the players have more of a voice into the community rather than the admins. Then again, admins you're free to voice something as well.

Roleplay Itself: Hmm.. Well, if the roleplay is so hard for you to enjoy, then either take action about it like the above paragraph or just.. leave. Harsh, but you can't satisfy everyone in the world, but you can for most. If the roleplay has become such a drag for you then just go off and find something else that suits your interests rather than constantly droning on about how bad it is because in the end of the day, it's disrespectful to everyone who tries to make it good. That.. just makes you an ass. No one likes an ass. (The bad kind of ass, anyway.)

General Overview:
Overall, I honestly like SuperNova. I came here because I've always liked how the roleplay was and the people that were there. Sure, it has a few flaws, but every community has them. The problem that we all struggle with is communication within the community. Communication, in all honesty, is what can make or break a community just like that. Honestly, ask yourselves. I'm coming to you with this post to address the issues that I've witnessed and seen publicly to where everyone can voice their opinions (Without attacking each other may I add. Translation: Watch what you type in your responses. This is a discussion thread. Not a damn debate or kindergarten class.) If I didn't write this, who else would've? When? Would it have been in time or would it have just been left in the dark until something worse happened? No matter the case, this is the type of communication I'm talking about. It addresses the issues without calling out people publicly and humiliating them which would just add more fire to fire. If that means we need to create a whole another thread for ideas and renovations then I'm willing to put in the work when I can. In closing statement, I don't want to see this go down again. We're a team and we need to start acting very much like it. So, calm it, put on your big boy pants, and let's get to work.

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PostSubject: Re: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:48 am

i think this makes you a wonderful human being in my opinion


I play that annoying british one called Spoon, aka Kyle Hudson
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Fuzzy Wolfy

Fuzzy Wolfy

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PostSubject: Re: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   Sat Mar 14, 2015 8:02 am

I was going to post a nicely thought out opinion on that other thread, but things seem to be wrapped up nicely with some light hearted comedy and I'd personally feel as though I were reigniting some form of negativity by going all serious on their asses. Even still, my previous post on said thread was pretty light hearted too, which left a lot of my own thoughts unsaid.

That being said, as I've stated before, role play has been a part of my life for countless years... In fact, I've been role playing on Gmod alone for close to a decade already and that's a pretty fucking sad qualification, but it brings with it some weight to my opinion, I like to think.

Drama, both IC and OOC, is inevitable and the largest source of OOC drama stems from IC drama... Confusing, I know, but let me explain:

I like to think of this community as being pretty open. I've rarely ever seen any new players get rejected or denied any RP, which is a good sign because it means we aren't Elitist. Most problems arise when they're either too shy, too new, or are looking to disrupt RP, and that much is not really in our control - some of us do try to teach and reach out, but it doesn't always work.

Where am I going with this, you may ask? Well, when you allow people to do as they wish, keep yourself open to players who's quality of RP may not be the highest, and allow them to create their own desired personas, the most common place for them to look for character depth and intrigue is by being dramatic. Dead parents. Lost siblings. Depression. Alcoholism. Substance abuse. psychopathy. Etc. (Even I'm doing it) These are all sources of IC drama, as well as OOC conflict - usually due to other people not liking what they're portraying themselves as. I'd be lying if I didn't roll my eyes at a few people for having needlessly dark backgrounds for the sake of being edgy. With that said, I'm a strong believer that most OOC drama arises from conflicting views and negative impressions. As a result of such, some people don't take others seriously, and might even go so far as to dislike them altogether - an emotion that can easily carry over to both IC and OOC realities.

The problem only really comes into play when people start to play politics. When- and I've seen this happen before -people will actively try to make life harder for said people... Best example; TnB. Every day you'll hear someone complain about someone else on their Teamspeak server, and they'll often times end up saying "Oh hey, don't promote them. It'll be funny."

That's what causes an environment to become toxic. It creates negative ties and tension between people, which can - and will - lead to elitism and bigotry.

IC Drama, even the sappy kind, is not cancerous. If anything, it's healthy. People RP to live these kinds of fantasies and vent emotions that arise from it. The only obstacle, like you said, is to keep it from crossing over into OOC disputes.


Fuck me. I ranted again. Anyway, it's 4 AM and I can NOT be assed to re-write this again.

tldr; let's all be friends, yeah?


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PostSubject: Re: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:19 pm

I'd put suggestions out there, but I kinda feel that I don't really have a place to. As a person, I hate disagreeing with people, in the event that I offend them and fuck something up. Meh, my fault I guess. Good work nonetheless, I agree with this idea, and I hope we can all improve.


I like anime
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Dante :D

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PostSubject: Re: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:50 pm

big boy pants is my line
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PostSubject: Re: Issues Up In Here-Addressed   

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Issues Up In Here-Addressed
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