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 Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Federal War

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PostSubject: Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Federal War   Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:54 pm


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The Federal War
A Militia assault during the invasion of the Hauser homeworld, pictured above, circa 2830.
A Squad of Confederate Star forces receiving their orders, pictured above, circa 2835.

The Federal War came right on the heels of the Confederacy move to aid the embattled Hauser and Washington system militias in 2830. While the Hauser Irregulars and Washington Wild Riders were able to hold for a year, by the time the Confederacy stepped in Hauser's homeworld was under siege and New Washington was about to be invaded.

With the move by the Confederacy, all of the militias inside the Confederate States of the Eagle were sent on notice to either help or stay neutral. This didn't sit well with many militias who instead voiced their support for the opposing faction who started calling themselves the New Rebellion Sun.

Thus the Federal War began, with the remaining militas pledging their allegiance to the Confederate Comet Forces, a civil war began. Unfortunately for the fledgling rebel movement, the moment the Confederates moved in it was too late, only having just rebuilt up their strength and amount of resistance they received from the Washington Wild Riders and Hauser Irregulars, they were starting to wear down. The support they received helped bolster their lines but it just enforced a stalemate that couldn't be won for the Rebellion movement.

The stalemate lasted for 6 years until 2836 when the Rebellion Sun moved to push to create a bulge in Confederate lines, their goal was the capital at the time, New Texas. They succeeded due in large part to surprise and because they pulled forces from the Washington and Hauser fronts.

The massive gamble succeeded in getting the bulk of their forces to New Texas, but it quickly turned around into horror as the embattled Hauser and Washington forces, with help from the Confederate Comet forces, pinched the bulge shut, surrounding the bulk of the the Rebellion's units and attacking from all sides. In a last ditch moment of defiance, New Texas was nuked into a wasteland.

Only 3 billion of the 15 billion were evacuated, 12 billion Confederate Citizens lost their lives. This spelled the end of the Federal War, for both the Confederacy and the Rebellion movement as they were wiped out and their own homeworlds captured instead of nuked.

The aftermath of the death and destruction of the Federal War was the forced signing of the Constitution of Federation. Most of the empire was still in shock at the complete destruction of that many lives. While the militias may have their differences, before the Federal War, they considered themselves Confederates. Even during the war, most Militia men and women considered themselves Confederates.

It became painfully obvious that the militias had to be kept in check, and so the Constitution of Federation was signed. Alongside it the first bill to pass was the Militia Nuclear Disarmament Treaty, forcing all weapons of mass destruction to be seceded over to the newly created Federal Star Military.
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Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Federal War
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