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 Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Militia Wars

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PostSubject: Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Militia Wars   Mon Jan 12, 2015 9:23 pm


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The Militia Wars
A Hauser's 5th Irregular Sergeant ordering a charge, pictured above, circa 2815

The First and Second Militia Wars were self contained civil wars among several separate systems under the then Confederate States of the Eagle. Typical of the scale, the wars were brutal but self contained enough that no planets changed hands nor did any infrastructure become irreversibly damaged during the fighting.

Scholar Hienrich Visari noted, "Like its heritage in both the Americas and African nations, the Confederate States of the Eagle are doomed to infighting as a practice of free will."

Both wars didn't accomplish much, however they both did cause the Federal War which had a major role in creating the United Militia Systems.

The First Militia War
The First Militia War as a 4 way fight between the Malian Regiment, Pretorian Guards, Georgian Irregulars and the New Kentucky Militia. The first major battled started in 2822.

Each Militia blames the other for who shot first but what came from the war was a 7 year long war between the four neighboring militias. All accounts actually point the New Kentucky Militia firing the first shot on a Malian patrolling fleet, destroying one of their frigates. At first the war stayed contained to just the Malian and New Kentucky militia fighting each other, however due to mis identification and subsequent destruction of Pretorian and Georgian Militia vessels, they pressed into combat against each the others.

What ensued was a 7 year long war that left all 4 Militia groups severely weakened and unable to do any lasting damage on each other. It was at this point, with the help of the Hauser Irregulars and Washington Wild Riders, Confederate Comet forces moved into force a peace treaty and end the infighting.

The four militias were forced to pay fines for the fighting so that the Confederacy could repair the infrastructural damage that had been done. This laid the ground work as this was the first time the Confederacy asserted any real power which scared many of the different militias who had enjoyed great breaths of freedom.

The Second Militia War
The Second militia war started in 2828. This time however, the previous 4 militias had actually joined forces in attacking the Hauser Irregulars and Washington Wild Riders as penance for helping the Confederacy force the heavy fines they paid for the fighting they had kept to themselves.

Both Militias, ovewhelmed, called upon the Confederacy Comet Forces for aid. As the General at the time, William Iweala stated, "We owed the Hauser and Washington systems for their help in the first Militia War so we stepped in. That was our first mistake."

Seeing the Confederates move in and aid the Hauser and Washington systems again sent a shock throughout the entire sector. The Confederacy always had a position of detente when it came to militia infighting, but in recent decades had shown growing need for increased power and checks to stop the fighting from becoming too destructive.

The Second Militia war ended in 2830 when the Federal War Began.

There is a lot of speculation and controversy surrounding the decision of the Confederates to get involved in both wars. To a lot of the original Four System Militias who started the first and second Militia Wars, the citizens within consider it the Confederates fault for the huge failures during the First and Second Universal War.

Some military specialists speculate that if they had not gotten involved, the Confederacy would've faired better against the invading Terran Republic during the First Universal War.

However, others disagree and point out that panic and the lack of cohesion among the units would've actually made things worse, citing the fact that the a lot of the pretense for the Militia wars were based on tensions, prejudices and jealousy which would've manifested sooner or later or continued until it tore the whole Confederacy apart.
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Lore::Specific>>Empire States>>United Militia Systems>>Military Conflicts>>The Militia Wars
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