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 The Event Schedule

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PostSubject: The Event Schedule   Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:09 am

This isn't important enough to go in suggestions, but even if it is, fuck that shit lol.

Anyway I was thinking myself and other people could start creating event schedules. Not really a schedule, just a plan of how an event goes - I feel like when we do events, it's being made up on the spot 99.99 percent of the time. You know, because we did a two day event that consisted of 80 percent G Bombs, 10 percent hiding in a bunker, 5 percent walking around and 5 percent actually doing things that were not one of the previous, like combat(Btw anyone that wasn't in Echo never saw combat ever, during those two days. We just stood in a trench and did nothing. Also when Echo wasn't in combat, it was just Recon and Shock sniping for 2 hours. Morale of this parenthesis - NEVER do that again.).

Some of you adminos have seen my event schedule that I did for an old community(The one I never released because I actually want to get 8 hours of sleep a day and not go triple insane, waking up each morning with my own fist wedged between my ass like a medieval torture device.). Those of you that saw my thread, you'll have seen it too, cool beans to you - for reading it.

Anyway a TL:DR of how an event schedule would go is this:

1. It's only for important events, ones that would have multiple people, if it only involves you and possibly one other administrator - it doesn't need to be written down. Just talk about it on steam and furiously masturbate while you do so.

2.  You put down a time period for the event, saying how long it'll be, the map you are using, the involved parties(So if it's Infantry Versus Aldrich, or Infantry Vs Aliens or just Infantry Not Versus Anything Because We Aren't Using Antags.)

3. You write down what's going to happen, or what you think will happen. Kind of like planning a DnD game, you create a story and you make it fairly non linear, because the Infantryman should have some say in their actions. You also need to plan the ending(s).

An example:

Event # 001 / Created ??? / Map: rp_frostbite_v2 / Infantry Vs Aliens + Soldiers / Planet: Black Cock Nine /
This event is scheduled for ??/??/????  / Day  Time /

Operation Red Snow

// This is going to be quick because I'm really sick and I'd like nothing more then to fap to fat women wearing full body swim suits right now. Jk, I fap to the main antagonist from Aliens.

Marines land on the frozen planet, momentarily after their drop ship takes off their ship comes under attack facing heavy damage it's forced to engage it's coin drive and warp out of the sector.

The marines find themselves trapped on the frozen planet, quickly moving into the distress signal where they find an extremely old Militia outpost, which seems to be abandoned for the most part. Although there'd be signs of a fight, blood being found across various spots in the hallways and medical bay, to anyone with a brain, the people that died in the base clearly weren't shot to death. Moreso ripped apart and dragged out into the wasteland.

After setting up an FOB inside the outpost they'd be attacked while patrolling the outside perimeter of the base by armed locals, after killing them off - one of the locals survive, which will be played by a player. The player is brought to the medbay and after being interrogated will reveal why they were willing to kill them for their gear and the sp0000000000000ky secret to why everyone in the outpost died - I'll end it there.


Zero idea if that helped, in any case, eat a muffin you slimy git water dog u.

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The Event Schedule
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