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PostSubject: IT'S WAR AGAINST THE POMPOUS KNIGHTS   Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:24 am

Quote :
March 5th, 3013.
Written by Heather Jones

President Becksby, "If the Royal Family want war, then we'll take their crown."
Stated to the House of Captains after the unanimous vote to declare war.

On March 4th, 3013 at around 1400 Standard Earth Time, the House of Captains and Generals voted unanimously to declare war on Aldrich after an unprovoked attack on the DMZ world of Worcestershire resulted in several nuke strikes on UMS positions. In total by the end of the day and the retreat call, an estimated 55,000 of Hauser's brave men and women were killed with an estimated 15,000 missing in action. Hauser is currently positioning itself in a point of attrition which it favors in combat, digging their heels and waiting for the arrival of Federal Star Forces.

General Chief Henry McArthur, Hauser's military leader, stated during a press brief that, "Hauser will do what it does best, it will make one hundred of their troops die for one of ours and we will kill a thousand for one of our own killed. Aldrich picked the worst sector to invade." Many, do not share this optimism, with the immediately break in Hauser lines, a bulge has formed and doesn't show any signs of closing as of this week. Hauser is likely going to stay in a holding pattern says our senior military analyst, Adam Burns, a Hauser veteran stated, "Personally, from the last Universal War, Hauser is going to dig into trenches, cover that trench in machineguns and cut down anything with artillery shells before cutting them down with machinegun fire."

Several planets have been overrun during the immediately retreat, Eldritch, Clarke, Heinlein, Kojima, and Sagan have sent out distress calls before being silenced by Aldrich troops. Old Phalanx, Forester, New Phalanx, Butler, and Liberty's Pride have become the new front line, all of them reporting their local garrison and other Hauser garrisons moving in to dig in and fight.
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PostSubject: Re: IT'S WAR AGAINST THE POMPOUS KNIGHTS   Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:20 am

darn space nazis
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